Welcome to Stefan Rydéen’s Home Page

This is a short introduction for our foreign visitors.

A good deal of the content on this site is photos of my art with little need for further explanation, but here is how I look upon my work as an artist:

“At first I have an intention – then I try to free myself from that intention. In this precise moment – and only in this moment – the connection between the material and myself arises. The delicate, the vulnerable creates presence, which I cherish. Then the limitations ceases, and the fixed notions disappear. I want my art to be felt in the body and to be spiritualized ahead of the word. I resist all disenchantment.
    I work in a lot of materials and techniques; every work of art has to be unfolded according to its own needs. This urges me to leave the control and the intentional. The sincerity in my creative making is found in the place whereto my curiosity has lead me, in the place where the things that happens surprises me.”

My studio in Örebro is situated in an old factory from the 1940’s, a very beautiful building. Alongside being an artist I also work a lot as a curator and project leader. One of the biggest projects I have initiated is ”The Lilla Å River Walk”. The following is an excerpt from an official document about the project:

“Situated in the north of Örebro City this is an excellent way to experience the culture and nature of the town. There’s both a footpath and cycle path along the whole stretch, which includes parks, riverbanks and the old city district in north Örebro. The walk, which is 4 km long, beginning in Holmen’s industrial estate and ending in Oset-Rynningeviken (the Rynninge nature reserve) features a series of sculptures, an art house and a permanent light installation - all of which share the theme: people and nature. The light installation received the Svenska Ljuspriset (award for light in art) in 2004. Evening walks are recommended.” (Pictures below.)

In case of questions about my work and projects, don´t hesitate to contact me. Phone: + 46 (0) 70 347 38 42 / E-mail: stefan@rydeen.se